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These washable overall dog diapers are exclusive clothing for pets available on the market today and have been carefully designed and hand made with high quality fabrics, in order to offer a product extremely comfortable, stylish, ecological and easy to maintain.

We add three layers of waterproof fabrics inside the overalls for protection of high quality, however, for maximum protection, it is strongly recommended to put a sanitary napkin good quality inside the overalls. These overalls are very suitable in many situations for several reasons: If you have difficulty to keep a diaper to your dog, this overall dog diaper is the ideal solution, because it can not be removed and your mind will quiet no thought for your dog that is constantly trying to remove it or removes it altogether. These overalls are made for the dog master tranquility and the ultimate dog comfort and protection matching with an elegant unique style.
These washable overall dog diapers can be worn by your dog just like clothing, because they are beautiful, high quality, unique style.

They are designed for male and female dogs who have incontinence problems or who are frail, female dogs in heat, males marking their territory, dogs participating in exhibitions or who travel by car, to dogs that accompany their owners in their vacation or business, to people who roam their dog in nature, in parks or in urban centers and all others who love to dress their dog to distinguish them from other four-legged animals!
These overalls are used by both males and females. They are extremely practical for females in heat, for incontinent males or females dogs, for sick, older dogs for walks, trips or dogs pension.
The dog diapers(Washable Overall Dog Diapers) are fleece lined and made from 100% washable cotton, denim (Jeans) and corduroy.
The waistband is adjustable with a Velcro fastener and leg contours are made with elastic. (Line with an adhesive sanitary napkin for added protection.)
We have a vast variety of colors and sizes ranging from XXX-Small to Medium
We presently have an ample assortment in stock
To order the right size, measure the circumference of the hips / pelvis and follow the following chart: in cm or inches
Select proper size by measuring hip circumference and body length starting from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. For dogs with a little more weight or fluff, go up a size.
The dog diapers (Washable Overall Dog Diapers) are machine washable.

Washable overall female and male dog diaper XXX Small to Medium Made-to-measure from Large to XXX Large on request only

It is very important that you provide us with your pet’s neck measurement and body length from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail. Check the PDF file

These overalls have been on the market since 2011 and have been purchased by many customers and shipped to several countries, including thirty-five states of the United States, all provinces of Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Mexico.

Our hygienic clothing is made from 100% waterproof cotton fabric or blue jeans, lined with flannel and machine washable. Also, we add three layers of waterproof fabrics inside the overalls for better protection The shape is perfectly adapted for the well-being of your pet with a Velcro band around the belly for a comfortable fit.
Durability, quality and practicality, combined with your choices from a vast array of fabrics and colors, will give your pet an original and stylish look!

Measurement in inches and centimeters We have two lenghts for each size: regular and long

XXX SMALL regular waist 8-10 in 20-25 cm lenght 7½ in 19 cm
XXX SMALL long waist 8-10 in 20-25 cm lenght 9 in 23 cm
XX SMALL regular waist 10-12 in 25-30 cm lenght 9 in 23 cm
XX SMALL long waist 10-12 in 25-30 cm lenght 10 in 25 cm
X SMALL regular waist 11-16 in 28- 41 cm lenght 9 in 23 cm
X SMALL long waist 11-16 in 28-41 cm lenght 11 in 28cm
SMALL regular waist 12-17 in 30-43 cm lenght 10 in 25 cm
SMALL long waist 12-17 in 30-43 cm lenght 11 in 25 cm
MEDIUM regular waist 16-22 in 28-56 cm lenght 13in 33 cm
MEDIUM long waist 16-22 in 28-56 cm lenght 15 in-38 cm
MEDIUM X LONG waist 16-22 in 40-56 cm lenght 20 in-51 cm

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